2018-2-3 EMS Assist near Island Park Reservoir

Around 11:50 AM, Saturday morning, Fremont County Sheriff's dispatch received a 911 call for a snowmobile accident near the West End of Island Park reservoir. They stated a male was knocked Unconscious during the accident and was drifting in and out of consciousness. The crash victim complained of upper leg pain, back pain, and of being really cold.

Two deputies and Island Park EMS responded with snowmobiles and their Med Sled. The paramedic asked dispatch to see if Life Flight was available to fly to Island Park. Unfortunately, they could only fly as far as Ashton due to thick clouds and fog. Air Idaho from West Yellowstone, MT and another helicopter from Ennis, MT were called, but because of inclimate weather conditions neither were able to fly. When the deputy made contact with the reporting party, he requested to have Fremont County Search & Rescue (FCSAR) responded with a rescue toboggan to transport the injured snowmobiler from the crash site to the Med Sled. Life Flight was unable to land at the Stake Center or North Fremont High School, so the landing zone (LZ) was set up alongside highway 20 south of Ashton.

FCSAR commander picked up the flight crew and transported them to Harriman State Park to assist with the injured individual. They reached the patient around 2:00 PM. After his injuries were assessed, he was secured to the toboggan and transported from the crash site.

The weather cleared above Island Park Reservoir, and FCSAR asked Dispatch to see if Life Flight was able to fly over Ashton Hill, Big Bend Ridge. It was still covered with clouds and the pilot stated he was unable to clear the top. The patient was transferred onto the Med Sled and transported back to Harriman State Park where Island Park Ambulance was waiting. By the time everyone made it to the ambulance, the weather had lifted allowing Life Flight to land at Harriman State Park. The patient was loaded onto the helicopter, the flight crew was reunited with the pilot, and they transported the injured snowmobiler to the hospital. Island Park EMS, Fremont County Search & Rescue, and Fremont County Deputies cleared the staging area around 4:30 PM.

2018-2-27 Snowmobilers Stranded in Dry Creek Drainage

Tuesday night, February 27, 2018, four male snowmobilers from Shelley, ID, ages ranging from 41 to 52, had an unexpected snowmobile experience in the Centennials Mountain Range’s back country northwest of Island Park. A group of snowmobilers were riding south of Reas Peak when the four rode down a slope into Dry Creek. Two of the party were able to climb out, but the other two were not. One individual that made it out acquired cell service and called Fremont County Sheriff's Dispatch. Search & Rescue was paged out to assist bringing them out of the canyon. He had previously called a friend from Shelley requesting more fuel to be brought up. The friend contacted Fremont County Search & Rescue (FCSAR) via its Facebook Group including the coordinates from where they made the phone call and the approximate location of the two stranded riders. The individuals had BCA radios and were instructed to return to where the stranded riders were, keeping everyone together. The trail had set up enough allowing them to free one of their stranded sleds. They contacted FCSAR informing them of the new situation and were going to attempt getting the last snowmobile out. They realized it would take some effort because it was tangled in trees. One group of searchers, accompanied by the six friends with fuel, (11 total), rode up to stage above the canyon. Another group of four searchers come up from the bottom to see if it was easier to bring them out downstream. Seven of the eleven started a fire while four worked their way through the trees to get to the four subjects. They were located at 12:50 AM, and unit members spent the next hour helping them out of the drainage. At 3:52 AM, the four subjects and other riders from the fire arrived at base camp, Blue Creek parking lot. The group was tired but otherwise in good shape.