2016-9-4 Sounds Heard of Someone in Distress at the Teton Dam site.

During the Saturday evening meal, Fremont County Sheriff?s Dispatch contacted FCSAR Commander with information that someone on the South side of the Teton River, at the old Dam site, heard someone scream, ?Help! Help!? Madison County Deputies and their Search and Rescue responded to their side of the Dam, and Fremont County Deputies responded to the spillway on the north side of the river. Emergency rooms were contacted to see if anyone had come in with injuries sustained near the Teton Dam. They were informed to contact dispatch if someone did come in. FCSAR sent a few members to assess the situation. A Madison County deputy reported to FCSAR Commander that he also heard someone yelling for help. The rest of the Sr. and Jr. units were paged out at 9:08 p.m. After searching for nearly two hours, considering the statements of some kids and adults who were at the spill way when Madison started searching, and bearing in mind the lack of probability of surviving a fall from the north rim of the canyon, the decision was made by a couple of Board of Directors for Fremont County to stand down and assist Madison if they find anything.

2016-9-4 Overdue Archery Hunter near the Great Divide Trail

During the meeting Sunday morning, Sheriff?s Dispatch informed the Commander of an overdue 26 year old archery hunter from Boise. His buddy received a text the day before, stating he had been treed by a bear. He did not return to camp that night. At 10:17 a.m. the Sr. and Jr. FCSAR Units were dispatched. A deputy, a Fish & Game officer, and an Idaho State Trooper started walking from the North Fork of Duck Creek, South West of Henry?s Lake near Island Park, and headed up the south edge of the drainage. Fremont dispatch was able to request the coordinates for a last known reference point from his phone carrier, the last time his phone was used. Base camp was set up where the officers had gone in, and Island Park Ambulance also responded to base camp in case the individual was injured or hypothermic. One search team hiked from Continental Divide Trail and headed down towards the last known point. The officers and hikers met up and started a grid search working their way back to base camp. An additional team of searchers on horseback started at base camp and worked their way up the north edge of the drainage. Around 2:15 p.m. voice contact was made by the grid searchers, and the subject was located around 2:20 p.m. The decision was made to put him on a horse and take him to base camp for EMS assessment. He was released to his friend, and after everyone was accounted for, the searchers returned to town.