2016-7-15 2 Stranded Floaters below Bear Gulch

Around 8 P.M. Friday night, two Fremont County Deputies and Fremont County Search & Rescue (FCSAR) responded to the report of two teenage girls stranded on the cliffs below Bear Gulch. A mother and her 14 year old daughter from West Jordon, Utah, and a 13 year old girl from Sandy, Utah, put their inner tubes on the Snake River at Bear Gulch. The two girls were dumped off their tubes on the 1st set of rapids downstream. The mother continued to float down and called 911 when she acquired cell service. FCSAR put a jet foot riverboat in at Stone?s Bridge and staged a Cat-A-Raft at Bear Gulch in case the water was too shallow for the riverboat. Ashton EMS was dispatched and put on standby at Stone?s Bridge. The Sheriff?s personal watercraft were brought down from Island Park in case they were needed to help on the river. Several search team members hiked down Bear Gulch to see if they could be of assistance from the bank. Voice contact was made around 9:13 P.M., and the girls were located about 25 feet up on the cliff. They were picked up by the riverboat and a little cold, but relieved that they wouldn?t be spending the night on the cliffs. Navigating back down the canyon was not easy because the water was shallow and it was difficult to see the rocks in the dark. They made it to Stone?s Bridge approximately 10:16 P.M. where EMS checked out the two girls, and they were fine.