2016-5-8 Stranded and Lost Individual Near Cave Falls Rd.

Around 12:30 a.m., Sunday morning, Fremont County Sheriff?s Dispatch received several short broken calls from a cell phone. After multiple attempts, the 45 year old Marysville resident indicated he and three other people had traveled East of Ashton, past a golf course, and their vehicle had eventually become stuck in a snow drift. He walked out alone to obtain cell service. His 911 call didn?t have enough quality to register their GPS location on Fremont's 911 system. Two Fremont deputies responded to check the Cave Fall?s Rd. and the Reclamation Rd. One of his attempt to contact 911 rang into Teton County Sheriff?s Office, and they were able to provide Fremont Dispatch his current coordinates. He informed the dispatcher he had walked down a dirt road until he came to a creek, and he didn?t know where he was or where the car was. Dispatch advised him to stay put, help was on its way. Their vehicle was located by the sheriff's deputy at the entrance to Cave Falls. Because of its location, Yellowstone National Park Officials were informed of the situation. They specified the vehicle could not be moved until a Park Ranger could investigate. The individuals waiting in the car indicated the subject had left for help before dark, and they hadn?t heard from him since. At 01:48 a.m., Fremont County Search & Rescue was paged to assist in locating the lost man. One of the deputies gave the three gentlemen in the car a ride into Ashton so they could get some food. At 3:23 a.m., voice contact was established near Moss Springs, and the last of the party was led back to the Cave Falls Rd. The other Deputy gave him a ride to his residence in Marysville before transporting the other three to their homes in Island Park.