2016-3-12 3 Stranded Snowmobilers in Whiteout Conditions on Two Top Mountain

Around 3:50 P.M. Saturday afternoon, Fremont County Sheriff?s Dispatch was informed by West Yellowstone Police Department of three Montana snowmobilers stranded in whiteout conditions on Two Top Mountain. The individuals didn?t feel safe continuing further with low visibility, so they chose to hole up, start a fire, and wait for rescue. Two deputies from Fremont County and Fremont County Search & Rescue responded North of Island Park. One of the Deputy?s snowmobile was not operating correctly, so they headed back to the Base Camp. The weather let up enough so the stranded snowmobilers were able to find the trail again. At 6:04 P.M. they met the two Deputies coming out. Fremont County Searchers were informed the individuals had been located and met up with everyone on the trail. The snowmobilers were given some water before venturing back to West Yellowstone. Fremont County Deputies and FCSAR returned to base Camp at 6:45 P.M.

2016-3-18 Separated Snowmobiler on Sawtell Peak

Fremont County Search & Rescue spent Friday night/Saturday morning in the backcountry of Sawtelle Peak rescuing a stranded snowmobiler from Cody, WY who became separated from his brother. He and his brother were snowmobiling earlier in the afternoon when they dropped into a canyon and his snowmobile became stuck in heavy snow. His brother scouted a way out of the drainage and decided to ride back to town to get more fuel. He called Fremont County Sheriff?s dispatch around 10:30 p.m. stating he last seen his brother at 2:30 p.m. A Fremont County deputy and Search & Rescue were dispatched. They met the reporting party on the Sawtelle Peak Rd. The deputy established phone contact with the stranded subject and informed him to dial 911 in hopes dispatch could obtain accurate coordinates for his location. Travel was treacherous and slow because searchers had to dig sleds out multiple times. At 2:10 a.m., Saturday morning, the first team of searchers located the individual and shoveled for almost a half hour to break his sled free from the frozen compacted snow. Other search members were staged at different points on the road where it was anticipated the first team would come out. It took nearly an hour to navigate the 1/3 mile climbing up to the Sawtelle Rd. The snowmobiler and his brother were reunited at base camp and no medical attention was needed. The Fremont County deputy and Search & Rescue members all made it home by 6:00 a.m.