2016-2-27 Missing and Stranded Snowmobilers separated from Juvenile Campers near Big Springs

Around 8:30 p.m. Saturday night, Fremont County Search & Rescue (FCSAR) responded to the report of a 36 year old snowmobiler from Idaho Falls, stranded about 100 yards north of the Big Springs Bridge in Island Park. He had left several young campers at their camp and was attempting to locate a 57 year old snowmobiler from their party. The older snowmobiler had ridden to their vehicle to bring in another load of supplies, and he was late returning. The younger snowmobiler was just past Big Springs Bridge when his snowmobile quit. He assumed the chain case broke. At 10:23 p.m. Fremont County Sheriff?s Dispatch informed the searchers a groomer operator located the older gentleman, returning him to the camp. Two minutes later FCSAR searchers located the younger gentleman and gave him a ride back to camp. Both men and campers were in good condition when the search team departed.

2016-2-27 Girls Screaming near Fish Creek

Approximately 25 minutes after the Big Springs search call out, Fremont County Sheriff?s Dispatch received the report of girls over the side of a ravine screaming ?Help Me!? and ?I am going to die!? At the time of the call, the reporting party was unable to see the girls, and he was uncertain whether the girls may have fallen into Warm River. Ashton EMS was dispatched in case there were injuries. Fremont County Deputy was several miles away and asked if Search & Rescue was responding to this incident. FCSAR Commander redirected nine members who were responding to the Big Springs Search to go to the Fish Creek area. One searcher was responding with ropes and repelling equipment. When the Commander arrived at the intersection of Fish Creek Rd. and Highway 47, he met the reporting party. The RP stated the girls had slid off the road, and he was able to pull them back on. The girls continued up Fish Creek Rd. to their cabin. Ashton EMS was asked to stand down, and the Deputy continued to the cabin to verify the girls' safety. It is believed one of the girls experienced a panic attack, but she appeared in good health when the deputy arrived and talked with the parties involved. The search team continued to Big Springs.