2016-10-7 Overdue Hunter Near 1100N East of Ashton

Around 10:00 p.m. Friday night, Fremont County Search & Rescue (FCSAR) Jr. and Sr. Units were paged out for a 46 year old hunter from Coalville, Utah who did not make it back to his vehicle before nightfall. Two Fish and Game Officers and 2 Fremont County Deputies responded to the area, searched several miles of roads, and asked several campers if they remember seeing anyone matching the description of the missing individual. When they hadn?t turned up anything positive, the deputies made the decision to call out Search and Rescue. After a couple of search members arrived, a deputy fired three rounds from his gun, and they heard a reply shot. When the rest of the searchers showed up they repeated the signal shots, narrowing down the hunter?s location. He was located around 1:00 a.m., very cold and wet. Rescuers built a fire to help warm him up. Ashton Ambulance was dispatched and put on standby at the base camp. Another team of searchers hiked in to help bring him out. It took around 45 minutes for everyone to make it back to base. He was assessed by EMS and transported to the hospital. The extent of his medical issues is not known at this time.