2016-1-14 EMS Assist Injured Snowmobilers Two Top

Just before 2:30 p.m., Thursday afternoon, Fremont County Sheriff?s Dispatch was informed by West Yellowstone Police Department of a two snowmobile head on collision on Two Top Mountain. They received a 911 call reporting one rider, a 14 year old male from Rupert, Idaho, was complaining of rib and back pain and felt he could not ride down to the ambulance. The other rider reported minor injuries but was very cold. West Yellowstone PD told Fremont County Sheriff?s Dispatch that their Search and Rescue could respond and help if needed. Island Park EMS was dispatched and made the decision to call out Fremont County Search & Rescue (FCSAR) in case they were unable to reach subjects with their Med-Sled. FCSAR responded with several snowmobiles, a rescue toboggan, and a snow cat. EMS was able to get to the injured parties. They immobilized and utilized the Med-Sled for the suspected back injury, and the minor injured individual was transported on snowmobile behind an EMT. They met up with the snow cat, and the patient with minor injuries was transferred to the cat, so he could start warming up. Everyone continued on to Meadow Creek Road where Madison ALS (Advance Life Support) and Island Park Ambulance were waiting. They each transported an individual to the hospital. The extent of the injuries was not completely known at the time this press release was written.