2015-6-26 Harriman State Park Drowning

Around 3pm Friday June 26th, Fremont County Search & Rescue (FCSAR) responded to the report of a missing swimmer in Harriman State Park. Fremont County Sheriff's Dispatch received a call stating a 53 year old man was missing from the Silver Lake area. He was last seen swimming 2 hours prior and the family had been searching the area for 1/2 Hour before they called. They found his clothes on the bank. 2 Deputies responded with Personal Watercraft, FCSAR responded with a Jet Boat, a Cat-A-Raft, and Dive Gear. After searching a while with jet boat, the jet foot clogged with moss and algae. Both the Personal Watercraft clogged up too. The Commander made the decision to see if Air Idaho would fly the lake and see if they could spot anything from above. They got the authorization from their director and flew the lake. Air Idaho located the body and it was recovered by the dive crew. The two personal water craft were tied to the jet boat and it was rowed back to shore. The Coroner was on a previous call in Island Park and requested the body be transported to her.