2015-5-16 Stranded Motorist

Saturday evening, May 16, 2015, Fremont County Sheriff's Dispatch received a 911 call from a 52 year old female, a Liberal, KS resident, who stated she was stuck in the road. She was attempting to get to Kansas following her GPS device. It was necessary for her to walk a couple hundred yards from her vehicle to connect with phone service. Dispatch was unable to acquire a good location from her 911 call. He dispatched 2 deputies to see if they could locate her. After an hour searching multiple roads that could likely lead to Kansas, deputies still had no clues which road she was on. After several failed attempts to re-establish phone contact, Dispatch was finally able reach her again. She stated that she had taken 2000 W and then FR266, and her GPS showed her on Rim Trail. Dispatch contacted Fremont County Search & Rescue (FCSAR) Commander who called the stranded woman. He was able to figure out she was in Teton County, WY. This information was relayed to Teton County, WY. Just before midnight Teton County, WY contacted our Commander back stating they didn't have anyone available to respond that night. The commander informed Fremont Dispatch that FCSAR would respond. Severe rain fall had turned dirt roads to mud, and they became muddy ruts and puddles. The first search team covered the Rim Trail north of Jack Pine / Pinochle Loop. The second search team was covering the Rim Trail south of Jack Pine / Pinochle Loop when the first team located the lady. They were able to free her vehicle, and she was followed out to the pavement. The commander gathered her information, and she was shown the correct direction to Driggs to get a room before continuing on her journey.

2015-5-23 Motorists stuck in snow on Flagg Ranch Road

Saturday afternoon Fremont County Search & Rescue (FCSAR) responded to a report of 8 Indian Nationals, the youngest 8 mo. old, stuck in the snow on the Flagg Ranch Road East of Ashton. The road was muddy and rutty making travel slow and dangerous. One of our search teams was within 1/2 mile from the stranded individuals when an ATV rider informed FCSAR they helped get the vehicles unstuck and everyone was on their way out. A Ford Taurus with UT plates, Minivan with UT plates, and a Chevy Suburban with CO plates came out. They were attempting to get to Jackson, WY following their highway GPS device.

The county has this same problem every year. This road, which is partially in Wyoming, is not passable until it dries out, and even then not with a car or minivan. After FCSAR obtained the Suburban driver's information it took off. The Commander made the decision to lead all three vehicles to the main road so they didn't end up stuck on the Jack Pine Road, the next nearest road a GPS device would lead to Jackson. One of the members lead the Minivan and Taurus to Highway 32 and pointed them in the right direction to Jackson. All attempts were made to catch the Suburban, but other than a glimpse at an intersection way down the road, FCSAR members were unable to meet up with them again.

word of advice: if you are not familiar with the area, and your GPS device tells you to take a dirt road, individuals driving cars, minivans, or stock high pickups should find an alternate PAVED route. The GPS does not differentiate between a road and a 4X4 trail. It also does not comprehend why your Ford Taurus, etc, can't navigate 15 miles of 12" to 18" of gooey clay mud.

2015-5-25 Canoe Recovery

Just before noon Memorial Day, Fremont County Sheriff's Deputies requested that our unit retrieve two canoes that had became lodged in a log jam on the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. Sadly one of the conoers lost his fight for life at the hospital after this accident. Utilizing a capsan winch, grapling hooks, and dozons of yards of rope, FCSAR was able to retrieve one of the canoes. The other one had sunk and was not able to be located. If the other canoe doesen't show up, when the river drops the unit will have a Water Rescue Training and look for it again.