2015-3-13 Separated & Stranded Snowmobilers Near Two Top Mountain

Around 4:45 pm. Friday afternoon, Fremont County Search & Rescue responded to the report of two snowmobilers stuck in a bowl on the south side of Two Top Mountain. A 17 year old male from New Canaan, CT and an 18 year old male from New Albany, OH become separated from a father, a 49 year New Albany, OH resident, and were trying to locate him when their sleds became stuck. The first team of searchers responded from Island Park. The two snowmobilers called Fremont County Sheriff?s Office and informed Dispatch they walked to the trail and met up with the father. A group of snowmobilers were giving them a ride to Rea?s Pass. The second team of searchers set up base camp at Red Rock parking lot and responded from there as the first search team met up with the group of snowmobilers at Rea?s Pass. The decision was made to see if retrieval of their snowmobiles was a possibility. After some trial and error on sled specific kill switch keys and some manual labor, FCSAR was able to free their sleds. The two younger individuals were not dressed for walking in the snow. They were wearing work boots and their feet were wet and cold, but other than that they were okay. The three rode their sleds back to the West Yellowstone.