2015-2-26 Snowmobile Accident on Rea's Peak

Thursday afternoon Island Park Ambulance requested Fremont County Search & Rescue to respond with a Banana Sleigh to a snowmobile accident on Rea's Peak. A snowmobile guide had came across a gentleman who had hit a tree with his snowmobile. The guide called 911 and requested EMS. He requested to meet the deputies and Rescuers at Willow Creek and lead them in from there. This proved to be a steeper and more difficult trail than Blue Creek, the preferred trail that FCSAR accesses Rea's Peak. Air Idaho was called in from Driggs and it was soon determined that the coordinates they were given were about 10 miles off. The commander was finally able to get the helicopter talked in to the scene where they were able to land and load the patient. With the terrain and the snow conditions as bad as they were, I believe, it will be quite some time before the Island Park EMS will want to snowmobile up to Rea's Peak again.