2015-10-14 FCSO Assist finding Injured Man near North Antelope Flat Road

Around 4:25 P.M., Wednesday afternoon, Fremont County Sheriff?s Office requested Fremont County Search & Rescue (FCSAR) assist officers locate an Island Park man who rolled a vehicle on Highway 20 Tuesday evening. A local passerby called Fremont County dispatch when he saw the accident. The passerby recognized the driver and inquired about his condition. When the subject learned deputies were on the way, he fled the scene with his dog. The deputies obtained information from the reporting party and investigated the scene and the crashed car. Blood found in the vehicle indicated the driver may have sustained injuries. Other items located in the vehicle helped deputies interpret what may have contributed to the cause of the crash. Island Park EMS was placed on standby near the crash scene, and the car was impounded. The deputies searched diligently for an hour looking for individual. They locating dog several times on and near Highway 20, but they couldn?t get close enough to capture it. They released EMS stating they would dispatch them again if the subject was found. Deputies continued searching for hours during the night and resumed their search throughout the majority of Wednesday before calling FCSAR for assistance. The individual was last heard from around 2:00 A.M. when he made a phone call to a friend stating he was bleeding in the woods, and his phone was almost dead. She didn?t have a valid driver?s license, so she declined to pick him up. Mid-afternoon Wednesday, she called Fremont Sheriff?s dispatch and reported him missing. Search and Rescue set up base camp while two teams of searchers hiked the forest near the crash site. Several other SAR members drove the surrounding roads on ATVs searching for foot prints and clues. At 6:55 P.M., a search member radioed seeing a male matching his description walking north on Highway 20 past North Antelope Flat Road. The search member drove his ATV to the intersection on Highway 20 to keep the individual in sight. At the same time, Fremont County Sheriff, responding from St. Anthony, was just passing North Antelope Flat Road. He stopped the man, identified him as the subject, and detained him. Island Park EMS was called to assess his injuries, and they transported the subject to the hospital.

2015-10-18 Stranded Snowmobilers near Keg Springs

Just before 7 p.m., Friday evening, Fremont County Search & Rescue (FCSAR) responded to the report of two Idaho Falls snowmobilers lost in a drainage area near Keg Springs, West of Island Park. They called 911, and Fremont County Sheriff?s Dispatch was able to retrieve their GPS coordinates. Snowfall and strong winds have loaded the mountain slopes with unstable snowpack making avalanche dangers HIGH on all slopes, and these conditions will continue to worsen as snow and winds continue during the winter season. Low clouds, poor snow base, and 4 foot high drifts made searching challenging for the rescuers. FCSAR utilizes the latest technology using high power extended track mountain sleds. Rescuers experienced extremely difficult travel conditions, digging stuck sleds out several times while attempting to navigate a safe route to where the two individuals were located. The stranded individuals were instructed to start a snowmobile and turn the headlight on. One search team could dimly see their light from under the low clouds, but due to steep terrain the search team was unable to make contact with the stranded from where they were. A second search team worked vigilantly towards their coordinates, but they were unable to see the snow machine's light because of the foggy cloud cover at that altitude. At 2:25 a.m., Saturday morning, a FCSAR member was able to meet up with the individuals. They were assessed on the mountain, and it was determined medical attention was not necessary. The search team and the two lost individuals cautiously made their way across the steep terrain. Over an hour, everyone made it back to base camp safe and sound. The last search members arrived home at 5:45 a.m.