2015-1-1 Stranded Snowmobilers near Two Top Mountain

Shortly before 5:00 p.m., January 1, 2015, Fremont County Search and Rescue responded to four snowmobilers with their snowmobiles stuck in a canyon near Two Top Mountain, northeast of Island Park. Once their machines were free, Fremont County Search and Rescue's commander attempted to talk them out of the canyon by phone and GPS coordinates. When this proved unsuccessful, Unit members responded to assist them. Base camp was set up in the Red Rock Parking Lot. Temperatures of 20 degrees below zero or more make rescues dangerous for search members and individuals being rescued. The individuals built a fire to keep warm and assist with rescue efforts. Unit members headed out on snow machines, and FCSAR commander guided the team to the individuals' location using GPS coordinates and the Unit's computer mapping program. The search team frequently called in current coordinates to receive additional directions from the commander. Once out of the canyon, the individuals were advised the best route back to West Yellowstone. Most rescue members arrived home sometime after 9:30pm.

2015-1-3 Stranded Skiers on Reclamation Road

Around 8:30am Saturday morning, A Fremont County SAR Board Member received a phone call reporting 16 teen Boy Scouts and 4 adult Scout Leaders had skied into the Squirrel Creek Cabin off the Reclamation Road last night and was having difficulties skiing out this morning. He notified the Commander and the Sheriff's Office, and the unit responded. The cabin is 12 miles one way from the parking area, and with the freezing temperatures, not a pleasant trek on Cross Country skis. One of the snowmobiles they used to haul equipment broke down and the other one continued to have mechanical problems slowing down the efforts to make it back to the vehicles. As rescuers arrived on scene, they assessed several of the scouts were not dressed appropriately for the conditions or physically prepared for this length of trip. 10 Scouts were shuttled back to the parking lot, 4 skied out with two leaders. The one leader rode his sled back while the last leader and the broken down sled was towed back. This scouting trip lacked intelligent organization, proper preparation, and appropriate distance for the physical abilities of most of the young men involved. Three and Three Quarter hours, the rescuers returned home.

2015-1-13 Two Injured Snowmobilers Near Black Canyon Loop Trail

Around 3:30 Tuesday afternoon, Fremont County Search & Rescue responded to assist Island Park?s EMS Unit. EMS requested FCSAR?s help in securing and transporting two male snowmobilers who sustained injuries in two different accidents near the Black Canyon Loop Trail, East of Island Park. The first snowmobiler stepped off his snowmobile injuring his leg. The second individual rode over to help the first, lost control of his snowmobile, and it collided with a tree launching him against a different tree. The two were brought to base camp by snowmobile and med sleds. Both individuals were transported to the hospital utilizing Summit Air Ambulance and Madison?s ALS Ambulance.

2015-1-17 Injured Snowmobiler Near Reas Peak

Around 3:30pm Saturday afternoon Fremont County Search & Rescue Sr. & Jr. Members responded to Blue Creek Parking lot, West of Island Park. Island Park EMS and Fremont County Deputies were on their third call within an hour and attempting to retrieve a male patient, who had hit a tree, from Reas Peak and transport him to the hospital. Summit Air Ambulance responded from Bozeman but had to choose an ulterior route due to inclimate weather. They were not able to land at the scene so they touched down in the parking lot. After a 1/2 hour they had to go back to Bozeman so they weren't trapped by the storm. Air Idaho Rescue out of Idaho Falls finished their mission that they were already engaged with and was able to respond from Idaho Falls. They were able to touch down in a clearing near the scene of the accident and load the patient. After all the rescuers returned to base camp the commander decided since there were so many people out riding today, it might be a good idea to grab something to eat so if something else happens the members are not far away and they will be fed and ready.