2014-8-15 Stranded Boater off Cliffs in Henry's Lake

Around 10:40 pm while Fremont County Search & Rescue was assisting with the Grand Teton Relay, Fremont County's Sheriff's Dispatch received a report of two male individuals, the youngest being 19 years old, stranded in a boat that wouldn't start about 300 yards off the cliffs on Henry's Lake in Island Park. The water was choppy, and it appeared that a storm was headed toward the boat. Several Search & rescue members responded with the unit's lake boat to Henry's Lake. Another Search & Rescue member also responded from the valley with his personal boat, and the Seriff's Deputy patrolling Island Park brought the Sheriff's boat over to the State Boat Dock so rescuers could respond more quickly. Dispatch attempted to reestablish communication with the individual, but was directed to voicemail. When the boaters were able to call back, they confirmed their boat was anchored from the bow. An additional search member responded to the top of the cliffs to see if he could locate the stranded boat. He estimated the boat to be about a half mile from the cliffs. The Deputy and the 1st search team located the boat and towed it back to the State Boat Dock. They Arrived at the dock about 1:20 am, and Search & Rescue members either returned home or back to helping with the Grand Teton Relay. While these two events were happening, Search and Rescue was informed that one of the runners from the Grand Teton Relay had taken an incorrect turn. Cell service was poor at their location, and the individuals where advised to climb to a higher position and call 911. The lost individual's GPS location was determined using enhanced 911 technology at the sheriff's office and Search and Rescue members located the individual and returned him to the race.

2014-8-16 Injured Woman Coyote Meadows Trail

No story on this.

2014-8-23 Assisted St. Anthony EMS and Corraled a Mule Near Read Road 1900E

No story on this.

2014-8-31 Overdue Archery Hunter Fish Creek Area

At 11:04 p.m. Sunday night, Fremont County Search & Recue's Senior and Junior members responded to the report of a 48 year old overdue archery hunter in the Fish Creek area. The Chubbuck resident left his ATV and back pack while hunting and failed to meet his friend back at the rendezvous spot at the designated time. As daylight diminished, the bow hunter realized it was futile to find his way out in the dark, so he hunkered down near a creek for the night. FCSAR split into different teams and hiked the canyons, drove the ATV trails, and navigated the roads. The teams were spread out, their GPS locations logged, and periodically searchers honked their vehicle horns three times or fired three consecutive shots, listening for a reply. The night was exceptionally dark due to the crescent moon. It was a chilly evening, the brush and grass thick and wet, snagging and soaking the searchers' clothes. This attributed to the slow travel and the temperatures feeling much colder than they actually were. After sunup, the bow hunter made a large loop North East of his ATV, around Robinson Creek, and ended up at the Rock Creek Girls' Camp. There was an individual cleaning the camp, so the hunter asked for a ride to the cabin where his friend was just returning to make phone calls. The two men then returned to the Search Base Camp arriving around noon Monday. FCSAR Commander had just requested a helicopter to assist with the search, so the chopper was cancelled. The rest of the search teams were notified and headed back to base camp. The archery hunter did not appear to be injured or overly distressed.