2014-6-1 Five stranded on Flagg Ranch Road

Around 1:24 am Sunday morning a group of Fremont County Search & Rescue Sr. & Jr. members were paged out to assist Fremont County Sheriff?s Office locate five family members from Texas who were stranded on the Flagg Ranch Road. The sight seers were trying to get to the South entrance of Yellowstone Park following their vehicle?s GPS. When the road turned out to be more snow than road they tried to make it through and became stuck. The weather was raining off and on and the temperatures were in the low 40s. The grandfather and older granddaughter left the grandmother, mother, and younger granddaughter with the vehicle and headed west to try and get help. They had walked for four hours before getting phone service. The Fremont County Deputy located the two at 1:38 am and gave them a ride 9 miles back to their stuck minivan. Search and Rescue dislodged their vehicle and got them back on the road to civilization. The deputy led them into Ashton so they could get a room for the remainder of the night and he gave them directions to West Yellowstone by way of Highway 20. Note: The GPS systems are notorious for sending people to Yellowstone Park via Flagg Ranch Road. If you choose to make this trip, we strongly suggest waiting until all the snow has melted and the muddy road has dried up a bit, late July or August. Keep in mind your GPS doesn?t understand the difference between a paved road or a pair of ruts traipsing through a forest.

2014-6-10 Assist JCC near Horseshoe Lake

Around 3pm the Commander radiod to have an Advisory Page sent out & put the members on standby in preperation for a search after 5pm. One of the Juvenile Correction Center boys was on a work detail building a shelter at horseshoe lake and when they noticed he wasn't accounted for none of the other JCC boys had seen him for about 15 minutes. He is a caucasion 17 1/2 year old, over 6' tall, wearing white T-shirt, blue jeans, plain tan baseball cap, he has not been known to be violent, he may not want to be found so we will need to beat the bush pretty hard. JCC security rules apply while in the immediate area, if you leave a vehicle lock it. It is better not to have available weapons that can be stolen, but if you do, secure it! Be prepared to be out late at night. Lights, rain gear.

Around 5:15pm JCC Security was called, they were working on getting authorization to utilize search and rescue, from the administration. At 5:45pm JCC Security called back and after their administration discussed the situation with the Sheriff and Commander authorization was given for Search & Rescue to respond to assist. The page was sent out at 5:50pm, and 14 Sr. and 4 Jr. members head towards Horseshoe lake and one Sr. Member monitored the radio in town.

Around 6:25pm the members were instructed by the Commander to standby at their current position. The JCC may have located the juvenile. At 6:34 the Search & Rescue was told to stand down, the juvenile was in custody.

2014-6-20 13 Yo near Potporri Campground

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