2014-10-5 Overdue Husband Between Bear Gulch & Ponds Lodge

Saturday night a husband and his wife from Blackfoot had a disagreement. He jumped out of the moving Razr on the Rails for Trails near Ponds Lodge and she continued down the trail to Bear Gulch. After giving him time to cool down she went back looking for him, but couldn't find him. She left the Razr at Bear Gulch and took the pickup to Ashton where she got a room for the night. In the morning she was unable to start the Razr so she called the Commander on his 201 number and he instructed her to call 911 to get a Search Initiated. Not sure if it was because alcohol was a factor, but apparently she did not do that. The Commander called the Vice Commander and he went up to jump start the Razr. She had talked with a deputy in Ashton and he had the Island Park deputy checking Ponds Lodge and The Pines to see if the husband got a room. The deputy ran up to bear gulch where he ran into the indivudual that was missing. He was wearing a T-Shirt ad his arms and face had scrapes on it from bailing out of the Razr. He said he spent the night on the trail. The temperatures dropped below freezing in Island Park that night. He refused getting checked out by EMS. The Razr didn't need jumped it needed the brake pressed in to release the safety lock on the starter.

2014-10-13 Overdue Hunters Sand Creek Area

No story on this.

2014-10-31 Stranded Boater on IP Reservoir

Around 11:30 Friday Morning, Fremont County Search & Rescue responded to the report of a stranded boat on Island Park Reservoir. A 52 year old Idaho Falls man and a 49 year old Rigby man ran aground in 4" of water and their boat became stuck. Sr. and Jr. Search and Rescue members were able to free their craft and the individuals were able to make it back to the dock without further assistance.