2013-12-12 4 stuck individuals on South Antelope Flats Road

Around 3 AM Thursday morning, Fremont County Search & Rescue was called out to a report of a stuck vehicle about 8 miles in on South Antelope Flats Road. It was reported the vehicle was out of gas, and one occupant had started walking out at 10 PM. The 20 year old male from Sugar City left two 20 year old males and one 15 year old female, all from the St. Anthony area, at the pickup and started walking out. The temperature had dropped to between -8?F & -12?F. A friend and some family members attempted to go in and help the four, but the truck became stuck about 100 yards from Highway 20. The Individual was located about 9 ? miles from Highway 20. He was given a ride to base camp via snowmobile, where he was evaluated by Ashton EMS. A couple of searchers helped get the friends truck out and back to Highway 20. The first team of searchers on snowmobiles located the original pickup and three other individuals about 15 miles west of Highway 20. They were cold and not dressed well enough for the conditions or the ride back to base camp. Coats and extra gloves were put on the individuals, and team 1 headed out to Highway 20. Travel was slow to reduce wind chill, stopping often to check extremities and warmth. A second team of searches packed blankets and hand warmers and set out to rendezvous with Team 1. Team 2 met up with the first team, and the individuals were more adequately bundled up for the ride to base camp. Around 6:15 AM the two teams arrived at base camp where the three original individuals and two of the family and the friend were assessed by Island Park EMS.